Here at Stagezone we are excited to announce that we are holding an Ambassador Search for 2018!


Our ambassadors will represent the best of what Stagezone has to offer and portray the brand in a positive light, taking fantastic photos and sharing them with everyone through social media.


We are on the hunt for the most enthusiastic and passionate dancers to be the new face of our company, to be role models to others in the performance world and to promote our range of new, exciting products. This is an amazing opportunity to represent our store and its brand in a special way and give us your thoughtful feedback.


Each week, we will announce 6 finalists for a total of 6 weeks. Those final 36 finalists will go into a final judging process and a minimum of 8 dancers will be chosen to represent us in 2018. Please note the judge’s decision is final.


Entries close 31st of January 2018.



- You need to be aged between 2 and 21


- Be following @stagezone on Instagram and like our Facebook page here:


- You must have purchased the limited edition Stagezone / Pink Lemon outfit


- You must have a headshot as well as an action shot in your Stagezone / Pink Lemon outfit


- You must email us at, a 1-2 page application, telling us the following about yourself:


    • Name

    • Address

    • Age

    • Instagram username

    • Dance Studio
    • Dance Achievements
    • Tell us what you like most about dancing
    • Have you worn our dancewear before?
    • Why do you want to be our ambassador and what will you do to represent us?





- We are offering a year long contract with Stagezone Dancewear to be one of our exclusive ambassadors

- You will receive FREE products from our store bi-monthly

- You will receive a 20% discount on RRP for the duration of your role

- You will take part in a photo-shoot showcasing some of our products and brands.
Note: Stagezone will not be responsible for travel to and from photo-shoot

- You will be the face of our brand and have the opportunity to offer your own thoughts and feedback on our products





- You will remain exclusive to Stagezone Dancewear for the duration of your role as ambassador. It is expected that you will not endorse any other dancewear on social media. You may of course wear other products as long as they are not being advertised.

- You will be a good role model towards other dancers, especially those younger or less experienced than yourself.

- You must post at least once a week on Instagram and/or Facebook wearing or using any of our products, ensuring that Stagezone is tagged.

- Relay customer feedback to us so that we are able to improve our products or the ranges we carry in store.




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